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    Is SeaCoast Health for me?

    At SeaCoast Health, compassion is at the heart of our care. We offer hassle-free, comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans for lasting healing and getting back to your life. This may include medication, therapy, or a combination of both per patient needs.

    Does SeaCoast Health treat my condition?

    We are about helping people and families find solutions. We have an osteopathic approach, and help treat general psychiatric conditions taking a holistic approach. No matter what challenge you are facing, you can be confident in our treatment or in rare instances our knowledge of who to direct you to for the best care.


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    What makes care at SeaCoast Health different?

    Skills not pills training. We take a comprehensive osteopathic approach to evaluations and care. This includes the consideration of the whole person: medical, social familial and developmental history in arriving at a comprehensive psychiatric assessment to guide treatment. As a private practice, our first and only priority is patient care and we prioritize non-pharmacological treatment.


    Streamlined care. We coordinate every aspect of your care to provide only what you need without the red tape or redundancies. What might take days elsewhere can often be done instantly.


    Accessibility. Proactive communication, no phone prompts or transfers. Work with us directly to make initial and follow-up appointments that suit your schedule. Flexible booking and cancellation with our attentive front office staff.


    Is SeaCoast Health up-to-date on my condition?

    As a member of AOA, OCA and FOMA, Dr. Miller is up-to-date with and continually refreshing his knowledge on all of the latest research and ground-breaking approaches to care. Our passion for patient care propels us to make innovative discoveries and find alternative approaches. This allows us to reach solutions for our patients faster and help them heal sooner.



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