• Financial Policy

  • Financial Policy

    SeaCoast Health is a Cash practice and does not accept

    insurance or work with insurance companies directly.

    We do not offer a sliding scale or discounted rates.

    Our fees as outlined below are the same for all patients.



    $150 15 min Telehealth Medication Management Visit.

    $200 20 min In Office Medication Management (or) Therapy.

    $400 40 min In Office Medication Management + Therapy (or) Therapy Only.

    $600   60 min New-Patient Visit.

    Additional Fees:


    $50  10 min phone call between appointments.

    $50      Cancellation Fee if less than a 24-hour notice is given.

    $75  All forms requested by patient.

    $100  Cancellation Fee if less than 24-hour notice is given (New Patient Visit)



    You can pay in cash, by check or credit card on the day of your appointment. All patients are
    required to maintain a credit card on file with SeaCoast Health for session
    fees, copays, missed appointment fees, telephone calls, forms to be filled out
    at patients request and other applicable fees as outlined in patient policies.
    We accept all major credit cards.




    What is the difference between a follow-up or routine appointment and a prolonged follow-up appointment?
    The difference is its duration; A routine appointment is scheduled for 20 minutes. If you see a therapist and the doctor is only prescribing your medications, a 20-minute visit is typically enough. If you are receiving Med Management + Therapy, a visit of at least 40 minutes is more appropriate. If you have lots of issues to discuss with your doctor, it is better to make an extended appointment to avoid feeling rushed.

    What happens If I need to cancel my appointment?
    We ask that you give us 24 business hours before your appointment if you will need to cancel or reschedule so that we have time to offer that slot to another patient, otherwise there will be a charge as outlined in the pricing above.

    Why do you charge for phone calls? 

    In our experience, doctors perform about 1-2 hours of indirect services per day. These services consist of activities related to your care, such as answering phone calls, answering emails, writing letters and completing documents. Often doctors do not get paid for these services related to your care. We believe that it is fairer and simpler to charge for service based on an hourly rate. If you do not use these services, you will not be paying for them. But if one day you need them, your doctor will be available. Take note that your credit card will be processed at the time of service. Only phone calls related to your direct care will be charged. There will be no charge if your call is related to questions that are not clinical, for example making an appointment, canceling it, or asking questions related to payments and collections.